Why Lifestyle?

Shop online and in-store from over 120 of the UK's top retailers and brands
Premium, personalisable packaging that can be delivered as Gift Cards, eVouchers or eCodes
Trace exactly where, when and how vouchers are used
You don't have to spend vouchers with one retailer which means no wasted credit
Lost a Lifestyle Voucher? No problem, if not used, we'll replace it for free

Huge range of brands

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Three different delivery options

There are so many ways to use Lifestyle, either with an eye-catching Gift Card, eVoucher or an eCode. You can even use scratch cards or an online points scheme to deliver the Lifestyle Vouchers.

1. Unique Gift Card packaging

We make things more personal by giving you the option to personalise with your company logo and a message to the recipient.

2. eVouchers & eCodes
3. Bespoke Scratch Cards

How it works

Create an account and bank your voucher.
Select your preferred retailer/s using your account credit.
Receive a Gift Card, Gift Voucher or eCode to be used in-store or online. Go Shopping!

Good to know

Your account is totally secure
You can split and spend your credit at multiple retailers
Your account is open 24/7

This has been the most impressive incentive campaign that we have ever run. We smashed our initial sales target and came in over 5% above target. Overall we saw our sales increase by a whopping £1.5 million above previous years.

Brakes Representative

The breadth of choice for gifts and experiences on the website is extensive and ensures that everyone’s interests are catered for. I will be spending my points on Lifestyle vouchers to buy a new sound system, but will keep my eyes peeled for experiences and future days out.

AA Representative

The incentive programme has been very well received since its launch. It has been at the fore front of everyone’s mind and has become a part of everyday life in the contact centre. We’re thrilled with the results.

Stena Line Representative

We wanted a new programme that was much more closely linked to our brand and our culture. Our goal is to reward exceptional performance and the scheme we have in place has been successful in doing that.

Iron Mountain Representative

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About Us

Lifestyle is powered by Motivates.
Your employees are the only sustainable advantage in your business, everything else can be copied. Look after your staff and they’ll look after your customers. Get this right and money looks after itself.
Motivates has the potential to help your businesses solve your reward, incentive and motivation problems – from building and retaining customers, to staff motivation and ultimately improving the bottom line.
We do this by providing unique solutions that are backed by first-class account handling services and an enormous portfolio of partners and venues.
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